APFC panel

High Speed power factor correcting systems are designed to compensate the reactive power of any load or equipment requiring P.F. correction within a very short time.

There is no contactor switching causing high voltage transient. Harmonics and other disturbances. Prevents voltage flickring. Reduces failures in highly sophisticated electronic equipments like PLCs. Computer and other control systems.


  • Power Factor will maintain almost near to unity so guaranteed P.F. bonus of 4 % to 5 % every month.
  • Reduction in KVA demand by 15% to 20%.Result in saving in demand charges.
  • Substantial saving in the electricity bill for HTP-1 & HTP-2 consumers in MOST of the state in India.
  • Enhance the capacity of distribution transformer, switchgear and HTcable.
  • Eliminate high voltage condition during no load. [i.e. vacation, recess, shift change, strikes, off load etc.]
  • Saving in manpower for switching on & off the capacitors.
  • Eliminate fixed losses of the capacitor during no load & less load condition.
  • The system is maintenance free because it does not use contactors for switching the capacitors.
  • Capacitors life is enhance minimum 3 to 4 times. Due to electronics switching & rectors available in the system. The reactors will filter the harmonics & prevents the possibility of resonance by shifting resonance frequency below 5th harmonics.
  • The load current will be approximately reduced by 15% to 20% which in turn will reduce fluctuation in voltage and improve voltage quality and prevents damaged to sensitive electronics equipment.
  • If used with D.G. sets, It can be additionally loaded by 15% to 20% & corresponding increase in fuel efficiency. When running on D.G. set the fluctuation in voltage is substantially reduce.
  • Capacitor connection is through Thyristor and at zero current crossing, which doesn’t generate transient.
  • Due to fast correction of P.F. Large H.P. motor can be started on generators already running near full load capacity. Large HP motors do not require soft start starters if connected through FRPFC.
  • Renders the distribution network stable & helps in improving system PF to 0.99 plus, without causing any problem to sophisticated electronics equipment & other loads of variable nature.
  • Cost is comparable