HVAC Controllers Panels

We are best and competitive in the field of HVAC in Pharma Industry as we have cater more than 100 satified customers in the field. And it is the most complicated application as no. of parameters are to be control and has to rub 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as pharma run their manufacturing activity continuously.

For fan we have multiple optiond like DOL/FASD or VFD and VFD + Bypass starter.

We have our own controller to control the parameters like temperature nad Relative humidty. No matter it is with condensers or with chilled water and Hot water application as we can handle maximum 8 nos of condersors, or one chilled water valve and Hot water Valve . you please refer the page of SCHICK page for details. Heater bank, Humidifiers, dehumidifiers are also control with our controller and panel is suitable for areas where you need to control Temp. + %Rh in a very close tolerance.

Not only that we can offer the othe controller also like danfoss, wavetronics, Honeywell or if required by PLC or DDC we can cater the same features.

We follow WHO, GMP requirements to cater, also some special requirement can also be consider if initially being asked

Panel Installed at Unichem Sikkim.