Pan Humidifier

A pan dehumidifier is available in two size, 15 liter capacity and 30 liter capacity. Both are design to cater for humidification of storage area of pharma industries. It help to maintainthe 50% RH of the area in case of drop of %Rh. Its features is it can start making steam very rapidly in will add in to the flow of air so within 5 to 6 minutes 5Rh level will be maintain it will directly start working on signal from PLC/Controller. Power requirement is 3Φ, 415 Volts, 50Hz. It will not allow to turn on the heater when water level is low. It has one another feature that will maintain the water level intact. Safety feature is a safety steam relief valve is built in case of higher pressure is built will relieve throu valve in the atmosphere. Double skin body with 50 mm glass wool insulation so that heat will be utilized only for generation of steam and will not be wasted. A high ensith cartridge type heater can be replaced very easily. Above pan humidifier has been installed at Lupin Pharmaceticals Pune.